Monday, July 2, 2012

Things I Can/Cannot Do at a Men's College Continued

It's been awhile and this list deserves updating.

Things I CAN Do:
-Become exposed to the world of male fashion/lifestyle through such websites as,, and 
-Store my beer at a friend's house for Lent, then come "help" that same friend pack his house 3 months later and be offered that same beer from his fridge.  (Note: It helps that said friend does not drink and this College has an Honor Code). 
-Have another friend open that beer w/ his class ring.
-"Help a friend pack" by chatting and looting his house like a Katrina survivor. 
-Become quite comfortable with showering at guy friends' houses due to loss of power, lack of time to go home to shower, etc.
-Manage a Pinterest account for the College and get most of my Pins from my personal Pinterest account.

Things I CANNOT Do:
-Find someone to join me in seeing movies such as "The Vow," or "Magic Mike," or TV shows on Netflix such as "Dawson's Creek."
-A disappointing update from the previous list: since one friend has left, finding someone to watch "the game" with me has now been moved from things I CAN do to things I CANNOT do.  This is indeed a tragedy.
-Get 50% of the jokes.
-Have a roomate on weekend lake trips.  I'm the only one in the "Girls" room.  This isn't so bad though.
-Find someone to paint my right hand when I'm trying to paint my nails
-Make plans more than one hour ahead of time