Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I love

It is embarrassing that I haven't posted in about two months. SO MANY BIG THINGS HAVE HAPPENED! And, while I want to post about several of them in the coming days and weeks, I am going to take this opportunity on Valentine's Day to talk about the things I love. I think it's healthy and that it pleases God when we take a moment to reflect on the gifts of "common grace" he gives us all. So, here we go:

1. Mom and Dad
2. Abby (and now also Holder)
3. Extended Family
4. My Communities of Friends
5. My Best Friend
6. K.C., the cat...yes, I'm serious.
7. Each of my Alma Maters (including the soon-to-be)
8. Music (Both thought-provoking and just silly)
9. Movies and Books that Tell Good Stories
10. The "WOW" moments in nature--when you almost lose your breath at the beauty before you, and the reminder that this could only be created by a loving God
11. "Aha!" Moments in studies, relationships, theology, etc.
12. That deep seed of faith and reassuring love that remains, even in moments of utter brokenness and confusion
13. That great feeling when you have the will-power to push yourself to the limit physically and you are bent over, dripping in sweat, but know you have given it all you have
14. Sports (and the stories they can tell)
15. Good beer, wine, and fancy cocktails + all of the coozies, coasters, and drinkware that accompany them. It's a small pleasure in life that I enjoy
16. Singing the "Auburn version" of "Rammer Jammer" after an Iron-Bowl win
17. Those moments in worship, both personal and corporate, when you are truly unaware of your surroundings and completely enveloped in your communion w/ the Lord
18. My Baptist, Anglican, and Presbyterian churches, and my mixed theology
19. College t-shirts
20. Baseball caps
21. American History
22. Mexican Food
23. Cuddling
24. A Real Fire (Indoor or Outdoor)
25. Charlottesville, VA; Washington, DC; Auburn, AL; Mtn. Brook, AL; and anywhere else I've called home
26. The Alabama Gulf Coast, the Florida Panhandle, Lake Martin, the Godfrey's lake house, and any other place that's served as a second home or a consistent restful vacation for me.
27. The perfect music mix for a roadtrip
28. A fan when I sleep
29. The Braves
30. Shrimp and Grits and Chesapeake Benedict
31. Mountain Views
32. Past dating relationships that have revealed to me more of who I am, who God is, and what He is doing in me
33. Higher Education
34. Random encouraging notes, emails, letters, texts, tweets, etc.
35. Guilty pleasures: The Bachelor, GLEE, Eminem, and an assortment of Christian music
36. The following candy: York Peppermint Patties, Twix, Reeses Cups, Dark Chocolate in any form
37. Singing loud in the car by myself
38. Sermon podcasts
39. Having all my old books and past journals with me, just in case I want to reference one at some point
40. Politics
41. A Great Night's Sleep
42. Conversation's that aren't forced and hold nothing back
43. Tivo'd re-runs of "How I Met Your Mother"
44. Summer: Rainbows/Chacos; Spring and Fall: Sperry Boat Shoes; Winter: Wallabies
45. My 21st birthday ring from Mom and Dad
46. Auburn's National Championship
47. Exploring New Cities
48. G-Chat, Facebook, and Twitter (Don't hate)
49. Pictures of Friend
50. A good laugh/cry

If you've made it this far, thanks. Happy Valentine's Day. I am thankful for not only the saving Grace of Christ, but also the common Grace God gives us in our daily life.